Thursday, November 17, 2011

Disappointment in Relationship

Being disappoint and being betrayed in a relationship is one of the toughest thing to deal with.It is one of the toughest thing the the earth.It’s not easy.But as the saying go “Life will go on…no matter what”.The truth is the pain caused by the disappointment or betrayal will leave a very big wound.But the wound will be healed by time one day.

We should not feel guilty or hate our self because we disappointed with someone.At the end we can’t control anyone action or decision.There is no point in sitting and worrying about what is already been happened.Being disappointed and keeping the grudge will only make our life more miserable and unhappy.

We should learn to be positive when we in disappointment state.Rather than blaming the situation we should learn from it.Everything happened for a reason.It’s just that we have to be in a ‘idle’ & ‘neutral’ state to evaluate the entire situation.The first step in bouncing back from disappointment is by completely forgive the person who hurt or betray you.You should be grateful its happen at this stage rather than later in your life.

Learn to let go.Sometime it’s better to let go rather than being in ‘complicated’ situations.Listen to your inner voice before you make any decision to let go.By learning to let go the person who betray you or the situation which disappoint you,you learn to accept the truth.Accepting the truth and situation is the key to be peace with yourself.

Learn some new things.Learning something new will occupy your time and mind.Learn some fun things that can bring happiness to your life.Learn to be in the moments.You can never change what is already happened.You can never change what is going to happen.But what is in your control is your present moments.Why waste such a precious present moments by being disappoint and blaming situations?

The key for you happiness is YOU.Only you can make yourself happy.Once you start to realise this,you will be more happy with your life.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Motivation Quotes

"One who smiles rather than angers is always stronger"

-Chinese wisdom-

MyThingking :

I completely agree with this quotes.Smile is the best weapon that anyone can use to touch people’s heart.We can accomplish more things by smiling than being anger.Smile is the greatest asset that GOD gifted human being.A smile gives signal to other about who we are and how we wish to be.A smile show someone that we are approachable and friendly.It’s attract people toward you as a magnet.

When you smile,you feel lighter and more relaxed.This will definitely help you when you dealing with stressful moments like nearing due date for your projects or preparing for some important moments.When you stressed you will feel tight.A smile can make you body feel relaxed and focus more.

A smile can open a heart faster than a key can open a door.Smile are free.Don't save them.Brighten the world with your smile today and everyday.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali

Today hindu people celebrating Deepavali.Deepavali is major hindu festival.It is ‘Festival of Lights’.


I wish all hindu people a very Happy Deepavali.May the festival of light bring joy and prosperity to all of you.